Barryvan Compo Manager


Please note: To obtain the latest version of the BVC Manager, please visit the SourceForge site.

Version 0.5pre-1

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This is the first pre-release of version 0.5, a complete rewrite of the original system. Not all features are complete. Features include:

  • Modular competitions;
  • Better design/content separation (better themeing engine);
  • Default theme which exposes all available Smarty tags;
  • Better RSS management (for news);
  • Complete configurability through the config.ini file;
  • Better database schemata.

Version 0.3

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The first public release. Features include:

  • Full templating, using the Smarty template engine;
  • Many configuration options available through the config.ini file;
  • The default barryvan compo theme.